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Welcome to VCPHelp.com – your free resource to help with passing the VMware Certified Professional exam.

I created this site to help you prepare for taking your VMware Certified Professional (VCP-410 for Virtual Infrastructure 4) test. I’ll try to provide some useful information, resources, and personal tips that I found while preparing-for and taking the VCP myself.

Having a VCP certification on your resume is a point of pride and just might be the difference that gets you a desirable job over another candidate. It was worth my time and I think knowing VMware products will be one of the “big things” in IT going-forward. Hopefully you agree.

The current certification, the VCP 4.x, is out. This is a three-hour test and is much harder than the previous VCP 3. It is clear that VMware is working to make the VCP a more ‘serious’ certification and as a result, the number of questions, length of the exam, and depth of knowledge required has gone-up significantly from the VCP 3… You’ll definitely want to use the VCP 4 test kit to ensure you pass!

If you are new to computer virtualization or are just getting started investigating improving your resume with a VCP certification, check-out the Getting Started section.

The VCP Study Information section is constantly changing as I continue to add information and tips, so be sure to check-back periodically and see what’s new!

Check-out the VCP exam resources page for links to useful sites and information you’ll want before you take the test.

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And finally, good luck when you take your VMware Certified Professional exam and hopefully you can pass it on the first try!