What is VCP certification?

by on 10/01/09 at 7:52 pm

The VMware Certified Professional (aka VCP) certification is a program that is designed to assure that a person has a certain minimum level of knowledge about the VMware Virtual Infrastructure product line. It is similar to many other certification programs such as the MCSE or CCNA and the VCP serves as the entry-level certification into the VMware certification ladder.

The VCP currently covers the VI3 (Virtual Infrastructure) suite which includes ESX 3.5, Virtual Center 2.5, and limited portions of VCB (VMware Consolidated Backup). From time to time, VMware will introduce a new revision of the VCP certification to reflect newer versions of the software.

By taking and passing the VCP exam, you will show potential employers that you have a certain measured level of knowledge and expertise. Virtualization is one of the hottest trends in technology right now since it allows greener computing and saving money and VMware is the undisputed leader in the field. Thus, if you have a VCP certification on your resume, it just might be the boost you need to beat another job candidate and land the position you’re hoping for!

VMware requires that you take an official course through their training program in order to test for the VCP. Typically, this class will be what they call the “Virtual Infrastructure 3: Install and Configure” course. I&C is a beginners-level course which explains the various aspects of the technology, how VMware products fill those roles, and other general overview information. You may qualify to take the VCP exam if you have taken other VMware-led classes such as “Deploy, Secure, and Analyze” (DSA) but you will want to contact VMware directly to ensure that your course qualifies.

In my experience, while the I&C course was useful, it is nowhere near enough information to pass the VCP. I know people who have worked with VMware tools for a couple of years who failed the VCP test at least once. So, don’t take the I&C course and expect to waltz into the testing center and pass. This is why I’m documenting my experiences in this site and will offer resources to help you study and pass the test “for real”.

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